How Does Try@Home Work?

Try 3 items in the comfort of your own home with our Try@Home Service - US orders only

Risk Free Shopping.

Simply pay a deposit of $99, select your 3 fav items and we will ship them to you to try. Only pay for what you keep.

Step 1:

Add 3 items to your shopping cart. You will see Try@Home get activated, with your items being free to try, and your deposit of $99 charged. You may also purchase additional items in the same order. Checkout.

Step 2:

You will receive emails during your parcel's journey to you. Once delivered, you have 5 days to choose what to keep.

If you need longer, request an extension of time, by clicking the Extend Try Time button in your emailed Order Details.

Step 3:

Complete your order by clicking the button in your "Order Delivered" or reminder email. For each item in your Try@Home group, click a "keep" or "return" button. Follow the directions to complete payment or settle your account.

Step 4:

Keep Your Favourites and send the rest back (FREE). You'll see a button to print your return label while you are completing your order.

Drop your parcel with its return label to a Post Office.

An amount of $10 will be applied when you complete your order by returning all items, and requesting a refund.

Pick Your Top 3

They'll be on their way for you to try in 1-2 days, for only your deposit of $99.

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