Try@Home Full Payment Terms & Conditions

1. Shopify Payments Terms and Conditions Apply.

2. When the Try@Home Service is activated in your cart, the tried items are free-to-try, rather than purchased, and only a Try-Deposit is charged.

3. After delivery and trying items, you will Complete the Order online. If you keep more than the deposit paid, a second checkout occurs.

4. If all tried items are returned, or kept items are worth less than the deposit, you are offered options of exchange, store-credit, or refund, to settle the amount owed to you.

5. If orders with tried items are not Completed within the Try-Time, despite email reminders, you will be invoiced for the value of all tried products, less the deposit.

6. If items indicated as being returned are not received after 4 weeks from return postage label printed, you will be invoiced for the value of all items that were to be returned.

7. Your payments and refunds are all processed through Shopify Payments, and their Terms of Service apply.

8. Please also review this description of the two-part payment system that our Try@Home Service uses.

9. Orders that have the Try@Home Service activated contain items that are marked as “Free to Try”, and the price on the tried items in the initial order is set to zero. Along with this, a “Try-Deposit” is automatically added to the order totals, you will see before checkout. The value of this is shown clearly at the top of the Cart Page.

10. When the Try@Home Service is activated, there is a specified duration, we call your “Try-Time” after delivery, in which you can decide whether to keep or buy the tried items. This duration is described on this website under the menu item “How Does Try@Home Work?”.

11. You will receive an email after your goods are delivered, with instructions of how to “Complete your Order” where you let us know what you are keeping and buying, and what you are sending back.

12. When you are keeping items greater in value than the Try-Deposit already paid, you will be guided to a second Checkout, to pay the remainder. If the result of your “keep” and “return” choices is that you are owed funds, (for example if you return all tried items) you are navigated through the options of making an exchange order, banking a store-credit, or asking for a refund. You will receive email confirmation of whatever choice you make.

13. Once your “Try-Time” is less than two days, you will receive reminder emails to Complete your Order.

14. If you have not Completed your Order by the end of the Try-Time, you will receive just more reminder, after which you will be invoiced for the whole value of the tried products (less the Try-Deposit).

15. If returned items are not received by 4 weeks after online Order Completion, and our Carrier can verify that the postage label was never scanned (ie the parcel was never posted), you will be invoiced for the value of the items that should have been returned.